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Crytek Just Closed Most Of Their Studios, Get The Details

Following rumors that Crytek employees were not receiving paychecks for an extended period of time, the developer this week closed five of its studios including those in Hungary, Bulgaria, South Korea, China and Turkey.

Ryse PC System Requirements Clarified By Crytek

Earlier this week Crytek released system requirements for the PC version of Ryse. However, they announced this weekend that these requirements weren't entirely accurate.

Ryse: Son Of Rome Coming To PC This Fall

The Xbox One is losing yet another exclusive. Crytek recently sent out word to any and everyone who would be willing to post the news that the former Xbox One exclusive, Ryse: Son of Rome, will be coming to PC and that it will support 4K resolution.

Xbox One Games Now $50, Capcom Library Gets Discounts

Microsoft announced a new round of discounts for Xbox One and Xbox 360 games this morning. The discounts are accompanied by permanent price cuts for some early Xbox One releases.

Ryse, Crysis 3 Producer Leaves Crytek

Whether people want to acknowledge that Crytek is in some kind of dire trouble or not, it's quite apparent that a lot of the top staff that makes a game tick during its development process are no longer working with the company.

Crytek Denies Being On The Verge Of Bankruptcy

A report from a German gaming site painted the video game developer and software publisher in a rather unflattering light with some harsh claims. Well, Crytek has finally bucked up and issued a response in light of the news.

Free Xbox One Games Handed Out As Compensation For Hardware Failure

Microsoft has been getting lit up lately with complaints about hardware failure from just about every corner of the consumer market. What complaints are being filed? The Cookie Monster noise of Death with the disc drive, the Green Screen of Death and the Day-One Update of Doom. To compensate for this tragedy, Microsoft is sending out complementary games for those with Xbox One issues.

Xbox One Launch Titles Destroy PS4 Launch Titles On Metacritic

What happened? Seriously? Man, critics need help these days. One of the most disappointing moments in gaming history rests here in the confinement of this very article: the revelation that Microsoft's Xbox One actually managed to beat out Sony's PS4 when it comes to launch titles on Metacritic.

Xbox One Launch Titles Obliterated By Wii U Launch Titles On Metacritic

The Xbox One is now the third and final eighth generation home console on the market, competing with Sony's hardware-superior PlayStation 4 and Nintendo's software-superior Wii U. While we already have proof of the former, proof of the latter comes into play when comparing the Metacritic scores of Xbox One launch titles and Wii U launch titles.

Ryse: Son Of Rome Walkthrough Guide

The critical consensus is that the game just doesn't live up to the hype. Nevertheless, gamers looking for a little bit of help to get them through the tough parts of the game can relish in the opportunity to make good on a video walkthrough guide for Ryse.

Xbox One Launch Lineup Includes 22 Games

Much like with the recently released PlayStation 4, there was a lot of shuffling going on concerning the Xbox One launch lineup as the system’s official release finally arrived. That, of course, just so happens to be today. And, also like the PS4, we can finally stop all of the “will it, won’t it” speculation and tool at a black and white list of the actual launch lineup, this one containing 22 entries.

Ryse, Forza 5 Microtransaction Cheats Make Gamers Silently Rage

No blowing up on Reddit, no super-duper, 2,000 degree article rage-fest on N4G, no super-thread on NeoGaf or GameFaq spam-fest to get the point across, just silent rage... lots of silent rage. What am I talking about exactly? I'm talking about the revelation that the microtransactions in Ryse and Forza Motorsport 5 have lowered the opinion gamers have of these titles, even more so than some of the abysmal review scores.

Ryse Gets Trashed By Reviewers; Conspiracy Theorists Proven Right

I've said all that to say that the conspiracy theories, the paranoid bunch, the leaf blowers and the sky-is-falling callers were right. The embargos Microsoft set in place for Ryse: Son of Rome had nothing whatsoever to do with the game being oh-so-great-fantastic, and everything to do with the fact that it sucks.

Website Breaks Review Embargo For Ryse: Son Of Rome, Praises The Game

“Rules, restrictions, NDAs and embargos be damned. The ad money calleth! Go forth and please the ad overlords, go forth now!!!” is the only thing I can come up with that explains why New Zealand-based site 3News decided to break embargo and print an unsurprisingly positive review of Ryse: Son of Rome for the Xbox One.

Ryse: Son Of Rome Launch Trailer Looks Surprisingly Good

While Ryse has its own fair share of problems that just about any core gamer can spot a mile away while blinded with hardened camel spit, the launch trailer makes the game look surprisingly good.

Ryse Reviews Embargoed A Day Before Xbox One Launches

If you were hoping to get in some early thoughts of Ryse: Son of Rome before the game actually launched, think again. Other than the extremely polar hands-on previews out there praising and lamenting the game like critics and average users fighting over whether Pacific Rim was a good movie, you won't find any reviews of Ryse: Son of Rome rolling out with the rest of the Xbox One games that have been reviewed.

Xbox One Dashboard Kinect Demo And Digital Game Sizes Revealed

Microsoft released an official promotional video of the Xbox One's dashboard in a 12 minute, PR friendly demonstration. The video rolls through all the different features of the Xbox One's dashboard, the Kinect integration, friends, watching TV, watching sports while watching TV on your TV and recording and uploading clips.

Next-Gen Isn't About Resolution On Xbox One, Says Crytek

Why is Ryse: Son of Rome running at only 900p and 30 frames per second on the Xbox One? It doesn't matter. You don't need to know or sweat the details. According to Crytek, next-gen gaming starts this month but all those games they touted at E3 with those high resolutions and buttery smooth frame rates isn't what next-gen is about... say what?

Ryse Could Have Been 1080p But It Would Have Looked Different, Says Phil Spencer

Adam Sessler wants to repair his reputation with gamers. He kind of has to, right? Well, the best way to do that was to release a video with Microsoft's head of Xbox game studios, Phil Spencer. Both men have been pelted by the public for being more transparent about some issues and a 14 minute interview promoting the upcoming Xbox One seemed like the best way to clear the air.

Ryse DLC Includes Multiplayer Maps, Mode

Crytek has several months' worth of downloadable content planned for Ryse: Son of Rome following the game's launch. Today the developer outlined their DLC plans and announced a Season Pass for gamers.

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