'Doctor Strange 2' Interviews With Sam Raimi, Benedict Wong and Xochitl Gomez

The cast of “Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness,” including Director Sam Raimi, Benedict Wong (Wong) and Xochitl Gomez (America Chavez) join CinemaBlend’s Eric Eisenberg to discuss Marvel’s latest descent into the furthest reaches of the multiverse. Tune in as they discuss how Wong is preparing for Wanda’s unpredictable power, the comic origins of America Chavez, Sam Raimi’s take on the characters' multiversal selves and a few extra Easter eggs!

Video Chapters

00:00 - Intro / Items Taken From Set Tease
00:24 - Sam Raimi on Lovingly ‘Punishing’ His Actors
00:54 - How Does Wong Know Abomination From ‘Shang-Chi?'
01:45 - How Sam Raimi and Xochitl Lopez Changed America Chavez From Her Marvel Comics Run
02:36 - Sam Raimi Discusses Tackling A Concept As Large As The Multiverse
03:30 - What Wong Thinks Of Wanda And What Happened At Westview
04:10 - Why Does Doctor Strange Still Wear The Eye Of Agamotto After ‘Avengers: Endgame’?
04:33 - Sam Raimi Reveals A Link Between ‘Doctor Strange 2' And Evil Dead
04:46 - Benedict Wong and Xochitl Lopez On If They Took Anything From Set
05:33 - Sam Raimi’s Favorite Part About Working Within So Many Genres
06:06 - Sam Raimi Names The Stephen King Books He Wishes He Adapted, And Could In The Future
06:54 - Sam Raimi Teases New ‘Evil Dead’ Project With Bruce Campbell

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