These days TV and movies are absolutely overflowing with world-saving teenage heroes. Even if you discount all the characters based on comic books you still have a nearly endless number of young adult dystopias that are rescued from perpetual slavery by Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games or Tris Prior from the Insurgent series. And don’t forget your Maze Runners and your 5th Wave alien invasions while you’re at it.

If it seems like the teenager saving the world is a relatively recent cinematic invention, it has actually been going on for decades. Even back in the heyday of the cheesy movie, the 1980’s, there were plenty of young people called upon to do the impossible, and they always succeeded, of course. While the threats were all different, they were all very real, so here are five of the greatest '80s teenagers who ever saved the world.

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5. The Monster Squad
While the events of 1987’s The Monster Squad are confined to a single town, it’s clear that if the kids had not succeeded, Dracula, the Mummy, Wolfman (and his nards), and the others would have run rampant all over the world. If the amulet that makes up the film’s central MacGuffin had been destroyed, the forces of evil would have taken control. Lucky for us, we had a team of goofball teenagers who watched too many horror movies available to back us up. We know they're not all teenagers, but some of them were. The rest were  just along for the ride.

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