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Chloe Moretz Trains For An Alien Invasion In This Badass Trailer For The 5th Wave

The first trailer for The 5th Wave was pretty awesome, but the second trailer that recently dropped makes the film look even more intense than before. View the latest trailer for the Chloe Moretz sci-fi film below:

Sony Pictures dropped a new look at the upcoming adaptation of author Rick Yancey's first entry in his YA invasion trilogy. Moretz stars as Cassie, a young woman who survives four waves of an alien invasion and is about to experience a fifth while trying to find her brother. After banding together with other survivors around her age, Cassie embarks on the mission of a lifetime – just as the enemy is about to launch its most important offensive.

With a second trailer hitting only two weeks after the first look dropped, some would say that Sony is trying to make a huge marketing push in the hopes that The 5th Wave will find a larger audience in its January 2016 release. Considering how the new trailer plays compared to the old, it's not a bad way to re-enforce the message that this film isn't your typical YA project. While the old stand-bys are still present and accounted for in this fresh look at The 5th Wave, this second trailer is cut to amp up the action and suspense factors of the film. Quicker cuts, a tenser look at the five wave structure, and even some new shots of our band of teenagers training in a militaristic setting all make this new look akin to something you'd see slated for release in the dead of summer.

Meanwhile, that first look at The 5th Wave felt a bit closer to what you would expect out of a YA adaptation. The previous footage was a little paint by numbers in the way it laid out the basics of the plot, while making The 5th Wave look like more of a science fiction slow burn than a thrill a minute ride. Another interesting difference is that the first look, freshly dubbed as an "International First Look" trailer, opened with the footage of the confrontation between Cassie and a random stranger at the gas station; while ending on a more ominous, emotional beat. You can see this in the first look clip, included below.

It's common to re-cut trailers based on the localities said trailers are going to be released in, but no matter what territory you're watching the trailer out of, The 5th Wave still manages to look like a compelling piece of science fiction / action entertainment. Chloe Moretz looks as kick assed as she did back in her Hit Girl days, while at the same time showing off the more serious acting chops she's broken out for movies like If I Stay and Dark Places. We'll get to see if The 5th Wave is closer to being either the next Hunger Games or the next Twilight when it hits theaters on January 15th, 2016.

Mike Reyes
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