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As members of the cast of Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch have been on press tours talking about their various movies out right now, we've heard a lot of the same details about the film-- how much training they're all doing, how it's set in a kind of dream world, how much action there is in it.

But we haven't heard a lot from Abbie Cornish, the oldest member of the main cast of 27, maybe because she's out promoting Bright Star, the serious kind of movie where journalists feel compelled to ask about actorly process and romantic poetry. But during an interview with Cornish a few weeks ago, she told me and some other a little bit about her role in Sucker Punch, in which she plays one of five girls committed to an insane asylum in the 60s and planning her escape.

Read what she had to say below about the training process and being the motherly figure to the group below. We'll have more from our Bright Star interview later today.

At the moment I'm filming a film called Sucker Punch. It's the polar opposite of Bright Star. I play Sweet Pea, she's probably 22. It's set in the 60s, and it's five girls who try to escape a psychiatric ward in the 60s. She's in there mostly because of her younger sister, and my character is more of the mother of the two, the nurturer trying to get them out. One of the other girls comes up with this crazy plan about how they're going to get out. The film takes place over the space of 5 days. The storyline is linear, but the film itself drifts in and out of different worlds, different realities. The lead girl, Baby Doll, who's planning the escape, you almost feel like it's in her head, and that's why at times it feels like a bit of a dream.

Is it interesting to work with these up and coming actresses?
It's a lot of fun, It's been so much fun having a girl gang. It's 5 of us, and we're on set, and we've been training. Jena [Malone], Em [Emily Browning] and myself, we were training 2 months together in LA and Vancouver, and Vanessa [Hudgens] and Jamie [Chung] joined in Vancouver. We've been training really hard, and we've developed a real team together. It's such a nice feeling, five girls.