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Abbie Cornish Reunites With Colin Farrell For Psychic Thriller Solace

Two Rabbits director Alfonso Poyart continues to bolster the cast for his psychological thriller Solace. After casting leading men Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Colin Farrell, we now know the actress who’ll be acting alongside them, and it’s a familiar face from Farrell’s Seven Psychopaths days.

Bloody Disgusting says that Abbie Cornish has been cast in Solace, which is expected to begin filming in May. The site even has a plot synopsis for the film, which will reportedly be about...

An FBI detective seeks the help of a retired and reclusive doctor to try and solve a series of grisly murders. The doctor was a wiz at the murder game, but lost his mojo when his daughter died tragically. Desperate, the detective presses the doctor to come out of retirement for one more case.”

It’s unclear who Cornish will play, though we already know that Farrell is playing the serial killer, Morgan has the role of the FBI agent, and that Anthony Hopkins is playing the doctor lured out of retirement for the final case. Here’s the catch: Both Hopkins and Farrell’s characters have psychic abilities, and they end up playing a mental cat-and-mouse game as the authorities race to keep up.

With the success of shows like Hannibal on NBC and The Following on FOX, it’s no surprise why Hollywood is exploring new ways to bring serial killers back to theaters. And this one sounds different enough to keep us interested. Cornish, meanwhile, can next been seen in the RoboCop reboot, which won’t be in theaters until 2014.

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