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After flops like Your Highness and The Sitter, director David Gordon Green desperately needed to turn things around. He's doing just that by returning to his roots, creating smaller, smarter movies like Prince Avalanche, which won praise at Sundance, and the upcoming Joe, which appears to show a side to Nic Cage we've never seen before. While the former preps for its theatrical debut, and the latter waits for a release date announcement, Green is barreling onto a third venture, this one starring Al Pacino.

THR reports Pacino has signed on to star in Mangelhorn, a drama based on a short story by David Gordon Green and screenwriter Paul Logan. Fittingly, the Academy Award winning star who has made a career out of playing anti-heroes and charismatic criminals will portray the title character A.J. Mangelhorn, an eccentric old crook struggling to come to terms with a crime he committed that cost him the love of his life. Specifics on what this crime is and exactly how it took away his one and only are not being revealed at this time. With principal photography to begin in Los Angeles early this fall, however, we expect more casting announcements will emerge soon, and with them more details about Mangelhorn's plot.

Once a great and respected actor, Pacino has been on a cold streak for years now, appearing in critically loathed movies like Jack and Jill, The Son of No One, and Stand Up Guys. Still, he's Pacino. He's still a get for Green. Here's hoping Mangelhorn will be a bit of a comeback for both of them.

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