Alba Strips, Rourke Scowls, And Gordon-Levitt Gets Mad In New Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Stills

Back before Robert Rodriguez' and Frank Millers Sin City: A Dame To Kill For saw its release date get pushed back a full year, we saw our first still from the film thanks to a still released by the filmmaker. Unfortunately, we haven't seen a thing since, presumably because of how visual effects-heavy the movie is. Apparently it's now reached a marketable level, however, because the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (via Yahoo! UK) has some brand new sneak peeks of the comic book adaptation.

Up top we have our first look at Jessica Alba back in Nancy Callahan's costume... or rather lack there of. Apparently she is back to her stripping ways in the sequel, but she is also out for revenge. The text below the photo reveals that Nancy is at the center of her very own revenge story in the new film and will be hunting down the people responsible for the imprisonment and death of John Hartigan (Bruce Willis), the police detective who saved who from a rapist/pedofile when she was a child. As Rodriguez says in the blurb, "You see a little girl in that first film. By the end of this, she's the avenging angel."

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Marv Johnny

This second image is actually a two-fer, as we get a peek of Mickey Rourke back under the Marv make-up and a debut shot of Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Johnny, a character created specifically for the movie who is a gambler who, as Rodriguez says, winds up beating the wrong guy in a game of poker. Those of you who have seen the first film may be scratching their heads about Marv's inclusion in the sequel, as this was the final scene of his storyline in Sin City:

The answer is that the stories being told in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For actually take place earlier in the narrative timeline than "The Hard Goodbye." That also explains why Dwight McCarthy - played by Clive Owen in the original - is now being played by Josh Brolin. The character underwent massive reconstructive surgery before the events portrayed in "The Big Fat Kill," and apparently before the operations he looked like Brolin.

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For has been in post-production for a long time now, but we'll finally get to see it when it's released on August 22nd.Relive some of the memories of the first movie with the trailer below.

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