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Alexandre Aja has proven himself to be a fairly competent horror director, but he has a bit of an originality problem. Though he first gained popularity with the thriller High Tension, the three films he has made since - The Hills Have Eyes, Mirrors and Piranha 3D - have all been remakes. Still a fairly new director, if he's not careful the only offers he's ever going to get will be to rehash movies from 20-30 years ago. Take, for example, this story.

According to Twitch, Paramount is now actively pursuing Alexandre Aja to direct a remake of the 1989 Stephen King adaptation Pet Sematary. The first story about the project surfaced in February, when it was reported that Matthew Greenberg, who also wrote the King movie 1408, had been hired to write the screenplay. The update says that the studio is actively trying to sign the filmmaker and that while Aja is trying to make Cobra: The Space Pirate, the manga adaptation is still trying to find money and isn't expected to go into production until 2013.

The story follows a mother and father that has moved out to the countryside with their young son. When their child is killed in a car accident, however, the father learns of a magical pet cemetery in the woods behind their house. According to legend, anyone or anything buried in the sacred ground will be resurrected, but the parents soon discover that sometimes dead is better.

While I will continue to be peeved about this remake until Fred Gwynnne is brought back from the dead, I wouldn't mind seeing Aja in the director's chair. Sure, Mirrors was a mess, but The Hills Have Eyes and Piranha are actually both quite effective. I just have one request: don't make Pet Sematary tongue-in-cheek: go scary or go home.