Angela Lansbury Playing Katherine Heigl's Daughter In Adaline

Katherine Heigl has had a rough time keeping her movie career going lately, and teaming up with a baby in LIfe As We Know It didn't necessarily help. So now she's going the exact opposite direction and pairing herself with one of Hollywood's most beloved and oldest stars-- and no, thank goodness, it's not Betty White (she deserves a break, don't you think?) Deadline reports that Angela Lansbury is set to star alongside Heigl in adaline and-- get this-- she'll be playing Heigl's daughter.

As you may have guessed, there's something fishy going on here beyond your usual rom-com antics. Heigl plays a woman who is rendered ageless in her 20s when she is struck by lightning at the exact moment she was dying. She has a daughter (Lansbury) who needs her help in her 80s, even while her mother appears to be 28 or so. At the same time Heigl's character finally meets a man who may be worth giving up her immortality in order to grow old with him. If I'm reading the theme of mortality here that I think I am, I'd bet Lansbury's character doesn't live to see the third act-- but it's all in the service of getting the couple together, so a price must be paid.

The film will be directed by Andy Tennant, whose dismal past filmography of The Bounty Hunter, Fool's Gold and Hitch suggest Adaline won't capitalize on any of its weird potential. Shooting starts in April.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend