Ben Foster Back For 30 Days Of Night Sequel

A few months ago we were the first site to break (and get absolutely no credit for) the news that even though the first one hadn’t been finished yet, Sony and producer Sam Raimi were plotting a sequel to their freaky vampire horror-thriller 30 Days of Night. Now with the movie opening this weekend, everyone involved is talking more openly about future plans for more 30 Days films.

In an interview with ReelzChannel, 30 Days of Night screenwriter Brian Nelson talked about how much he loved Ben Foster’s work in the film. Ben plays a minor character known only as “The Stranger”. Though it’s a minor part, as usual Foster steals every scene he in. In fact he’s so good the role was actually expanded to give him more screentime. During the interview, Nelson hinted that they’re planning another film and said “I'll just tantalizingly say it is possible you might see more of The Stranger in the future.”

The movie actually leaves The Stranger’s fate somewhat open ended, so it would be extremely possible to bring the character back for a sequel. In fact, if they plan to make a franchise of these things, a really cool way to connect them together would be to have each film open by following The Stranger’s entry into whatever new setting the vampires are going to ravage. The sequel possibilities are endless, and for once 30 Days of Night is a movie good enough to warrant revisiting.

Josh Tyler