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Being stranded in Kabul never looked so cool. Get your first peek at Bill Murray as a burned out, but still totally awesome looking rock manager in Rock The Kabah. Check it out below.

Rock the Kasbah

Bill Murray is back in action, and this time the comedian is playing a washed up tour manager in Barry Levinson’s Rock The Kabah, which is currently in post production. The Hollywood Reporter debuted an exclusive look at Murray as a music manager, and, as always, the Groundhog Day actor doesn’t disappoint. The telling photo gives away a lot, but perhaps most importantly provides more clues about Murray's character, too.

In the first look at Murray in Rock The Kabah, we can tell a couple of things about his personality. First off, he is one cool somebody. Check out the aviator glasses the actor is sporting while in character. You can’t miss the dark navy blue blazer, which, despite his circumstances, indicates that he is not about to lose face despite being stranded and penniless in a foreign land. Of course, no music manager’s look would not be complete without some accessories. Check out the pattern on the Kufi-like hat he’s sporting, as well as the tiny, intricate choker-style necklace, which is oh so visible thanks to the top button on his shirt being unbuttoned. He may be tired and broke, but clearly this guy knows that you have to dress for the job you want, not the job you have. While it isn’t clear from the blurry background where exactly Murray’s character is, one thing is for sure, it’s probably someplace that will undoubtedly lead to lots of laughs.

Rock The Kabah, centers on Bill Murray’s character, an out of work music manager who, in a desperate attempt to resurrect his livelihood, takes his last client to Afghanistan for a USO tour, only to find himself left broke and without a passport in the city of Kabul. He then conjures up a potential escape plan involving managing a talented new singer whom he meets and ushers through a singing competition much like American Idol. Mitch Glazer wrote the script after previously delivering the screenplays for two other notable Murray films, Scrooged and Lost in Translation. The third time is likely to be another charm for the past collaborators.  

Murray isn’t the only recognizable name attached to the upcoming comedy, as Rock The Kabah has an all-star lineup. The film also stars Hollywood heavyweights Bruce Willis, Scott Caan, and Kate Hudson, alongside the likes of Danny McBride, Leem Lubany, Zooey Deschanel, Taylor Kinney, Arian Moayed, Fahim Fazli, and Beejan Land. Rock The Kasbah was originally scheduled for release on April 24, 2015, but it has been pushed back to November 13 of this year.  

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