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Disney•Pixar has put together a really nice set for Brave, the Scottish tale featuring the fiery redheaded fighter, Merida. The flick will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD on November 13, and to celebrate, we have a few short clips from the film to share with fans. If you are in to lore or rebellious teens, these are certainly clips to check out.

The first clip, “Fergus Shares a Legend,” follows the Clan DunBroch at the dinner table, as Fergus tells the story to his wee lads about how he fought off a bear and subsequently lost a limb. You can tell the tale is a favorite story of his, and Merida chirps in partway through to finish the story for him. It’s more of a good-natured moment with family than anything, but it is plot relevant, so check it out.

“Advice to Elinor,” shows a moment between Fergus and his wife (the aforementioned Elinor) as he tries to cheer her up. The two have a bit of a hard row to hoe with Merida, but there’s nothing like the happy-go-lucky Fergus to bring a little laughter to the table. Unfortunately, things are about to get a little crazy in the DunBroch household, but I won’t spoil any of that for you.

Brave is coming in a set chock full of extras, including Pixar’s “La Luna” short film. It’s a splendid film that looks to be coming with all the bells and whistles.

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