In promoting their latest effort Brave, Disney and Pixar have so far proved savvy, showcasing the animated adventure's gorgeous design work and wild-haired heroine without getting too caught up in the film's plot. They know that their well-reputed brand is sure to attract many fans, while the promise of Pixar's first female protagonist will lure others, so why give away the film's plot twists to sell it? This is a strategy I've long felt certain genres could better employ in their marketing, don't tell us the plot—tell us what makes this story unique. In the case of Brave, it's Pixar and a princess who cares more about being her own hero than getting married.

But now, the marketing campaign has offered this new clip. Here Merida is sitting down to dinner with her mother and trio of excitable younger brothers as her father regales them with his favorite tale of his own bravery. We've seen bits of before, in Pixar's cheeky Freedom Broch spot and previous trailer, but this time they make mention of Mordu, a monstrous bear who claimed the Highland king's leg before slinking off into the inky wilderness to await his revenge. As Merida howls in imitation of the mythical beast, King Fergus shouts, "Let him return! I'll finish what I guttled in the first place!"

So far Brave's trailer have teased a quest that the headstrong warrior princess would have to take on to forsake the path her parents have set for her and forge one of her own. But for the first time we're offered some insight into what that might be. Will Merida and her trusty bow and arrow travel into the mysterious wilds to seek out this monster that marred her father? We'll find out on June 22nd when Brave opens nationwide.

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