Though he has only been producing movies since 2005, Lorenzo di Bonaventura has quickly established himself as one of the biggest blockbuster names in Hollywood. In addition to the Transformers movies he is also behind G.I. Joe as well as Red - and is even part of the upcoming Jack Ryan reboot. And now it looks as though he may have found his next big project.

Di Bonaventura and David S. Goyer have teamed up to produce an adaptation of The Breach, based on the novel by Patrick Lee. Variety says that the plot follows a former police officer in a race against time as he must stop an artifact from being used to bring about the end of the world. Justin Rhodes, who has a couple of indies under his belt, has been hired to write the script, but the trade mentions that the movie version will "diverge from the novel." Just how it will be doing that is being kept a secret. The report also adds that Goyer, who directed movies such as Blade: Trinity and The Unborn, is not currently attached to helm the adaptation, but it also isn't entirely out of the realm of possibility. The film is currently being shopped to different studios, looking for a distribution deal.

As a writer, Goyer, who had a hand in both The Dark Knight Rises and Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance this year, has Man of Steel and Godzilla coming out in 2013 and 2014, respectively, and he is also executive producing the series Da Vinci's Demons. In addition to the titles mentioned above, di Bonaventura is also producing the Arnold Schwarzenegger action/western The Last Stand, Steven Soderbergh's drug drama Side Effects, and Tristan Patterson's Eddie Dodson biopic Electric Slide.

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