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A Buddy Story Trailer With Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss

As the hard-nosed Peggy Olsen on Mad Men, actress Elisabeth Moss is more often offered character arcs involving office politics and battles against sexism than she is enviable romance. So it's exhilarating to see Moss get her shot at a romantic lead in the music-driven indie A Buddy Story. Here she portrays Susan, a modern girl with an abusive boyfriend and a hopeful crush on Buddy, the lightly bearded singer-songwriter next door played by Gavin Bellour. When Buddy and his pet turtle pack up to go on tour, Susan takes the opportunity to escape her troubles by tagging along on a road trip ripe with possibilities.

A Buddy Story's writer-director Marc Erlbaum found inspiration for the film in the ambitions of his high school pal Teddy Goldstein, who skipped college in favor of pursuing his dream to make music and tour the country. And so Erlbaum scribed a story of love and discovery with a lonely musician at its core. Fittingly, A Buddy Story features original music from Goldstein and Bellour, some of which you can hear in the film's first trailer, viewable below courtesy of Yahoo:

Even in this brief glimpse, Moss is totally charming as a flustered young woman with a crush. She positively shines. For his part, Bellour—despite that truly terrible haircut—seems an able match. Also intriguing is an appearance by alternative reggae rocker Matisyahu, and the winsome track that plays through the trailer is nearly as inviting as Moss's smile. All in all, A Buddy Story looks like it could be a little bit of wonderful.

A Buddy Story opens in limited release May 15th.

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.