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Carrie Remake Coming From The Writer Of Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark

Stephen King is arguably the greatest American author of the modern era and even his worst books are usually infinitely readable. That’s not always true of the movies based on his books though, they tend to be either hot or cold. A movie based on a Stephen King story is likely to be the greatest thing you’ve ever seen or something you’ll forget five minutes after you walk out of the theater. Carrie stands firmly rooted in the former. So, here comes the remake.

Really if you’re going to remake a Stephen King movie, someone should take a stab at one of the bad ones. Surely there’s something better to be done with Dolan’s Cadillac than… whatever that was… they did with it in 2007. I’d really like a better movie made out of Secret Window. Sorry Johnny Depp, everyone has already forgotten you were ever in that flick. Instead Hollywood has entered the “remake all of King’s most famous stuff to make money based on name recognition” phase. They’re already knee-deep in remaking It and now here comes Carrie, again.

The original 1976 movie starred Sissy Spacek as an introverted high school girl who after being tormented and humiliated peers, develops psychic powers which manifest when she’s angry or upset. This new version THR says is being developed by a partnership between MGM and Screen Gems. Here’s the strangest part of this news: They’ve hired the guy who wrote the oft mocked, utterly disastrous Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark Broadway play to rewrite it.

His name is Roberto Aguirre-Sacassa, and his involvement isn’t as bad as it sounds. Aguirre-Sacassa didn’t actually come up with that ill-conceived Spidey Broadway disaster, he was the guy they brought in at the last minute in an attempt to rewrite it and fix it. He also once wrote a few episodes of Big Love and has written for Marvel comics. He even did their comic book adaptation of King’s The Stand, which ought to tell you how he landed this job.