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Though there’s no sign that Mad Men will be leaving the airwaves anytime soon, actress Christina Hendricks has been laying the groundwork down for a successful film career, taking on smaller roles in a variety of genres, most notably in 2011’s Drive. Now it appears she’s moving into the leading lady roles, already set to star in Ryan Gosling's directorial debut How to Catch a Monster, and now adding another project to her slate.

Hendricks has signed on for director Campbell Scott’s upcoming adaptation of Joan Didion’s 1977 novel A Book of Common Prayer, Variety reports. Leaving behind all shades of femme fatale Joan Holloway, she will play the central character Charlotte Douglas, from a screenplay adapted by Joyce McKee and Rachel LeMin.

In the novel, Douglas is an American woman whose life is torn apart when her daughter runs away with a group of terrorist radicals. She travels to a Central American country with revolution ever-present on the horizon, and inexplicably believes that this is the place where she and her daughter will reunite. The narrative is told from the point of view of an American expatriate anthropologist who tries applying her analytical point of view into understanding Charlotte’s plight. This has festival potential written all over it.

“We are thrilled that Christina has agreed to come on board to play the lead role of Charlotte Douglas,” Scott and producer Marcia Weiss said in a statement. “Charlotte is a complex and compelling character and Christina is the perfect actor to play her.”