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Ever since the end of The Dark Knight Trilogy people have speculated about what director Christopher Nolan's next project would be. Maybe another ambitious sci-fi project like Inception? A smaller-scale drama like The Prestige? An even smaller, more art house pic like Memento? Today it seems that the answer has been revealed.

Nolan is now in talks to reunite with his brother, screenwriter Jonathan Nolan, who has penned a new project titled Interstellar, a new sci-fi project that's set up over at Paramount (though Warner Bros. will become involved should Nolan sign on). THR is reporting the news based on information from multiple sources and says that the film is a time travel tale about a group of explorers who "travel through a wormhole" and into an alternate dimension. Should he take on the project as his next gig, Nolan with both direct and produce based on his brother's script. Apparently talks between the studios and the filmmaker have been going on for a while now and are described by the trade as being "very complex."

And apparently Nolan isn't the first big name director to take an interest in the material, which was inspired by the work of CalTech gravitational physicist and astrophysicist Kip Thorne. At one point Steven Spielberg was attached to helm the project with Lynda Obst attached to produce, but it's unclear if the Oscar winning filmmaker is still associated with the film in any way.

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