While everyone was gushing over Julia Roberts’ return to the big screen, I had something else on my mind: Inside Man 2. At the New York City premiere for the film Duplicity Clive Owen said a few words about the highly anticipated sequel. According to Clive, the script is on the way and if all goes to plan, all of the key characters from the original film will be back.

In Inside Man, Clive Owen played Dalton Russell, the leader of group committing ‘the perfect bank robbery.’ Denzel Washington took on the role of Detective Keith Frazier, the officer that tries to outwit Russell. The ‘key characters’ Owen refers to obviously include Russell and Frazier. I’d imagine that Willem Dafoe’s Captain Dairus and Christopher Plummer’s Arthur Case could be included in that group as well. Being that I introduced the question of the cast referencing Jodie Foster, I’d like to assume that her character, Madeleine White, will be in the sequel. Check out Clive’s answers for yourself below.

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