What’s a working day without some remake news? The latest in the rehash, reuse, resell campaign is the 1970 Sci-Fi unknown Colossus: The Forbin Project. As for the culprits of this Hollywood remake, Brian Grazer has been caught red handed as producer, while Ron Howard is his accomplice director. Unknown writer Jason Rothenberg is also said to be involved in the intellectual property theft and resale, says Variety.

Conceived in the midst of the Cold War, a scientist designs a supercomputer for the government to be a country protector. Of course, the computer system becomes self aware and decides that the best solution is for itself to take control. Rothenberg plans to use this premise and incorporate two “Colossus” novels (fan fiction) by D.F. Jones to make one supremely-confusing movie.

As usual filming will start once the script is written and Howard has finished directing Frost/Nixon, a political film based on the 28 hours of interviews with President Richard Nixon after Watergate and then wrapping up the follow up to the box-office smash, mostly boring Da Vinci Code based on Dan Brown’s other sub-par novel, Angels and Demons.

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