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May 20th is fast approaching and is bringing the release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides with it. Disney’s fourth installment in the series finds Capt. Jack Sparrow on a new adventure in search of the Fountain of Youth, trying to get to it before Barbossa and the King’s navy. Rob Marshall is directing.

Disney has sent over a bunch of concept art of the zombies we can expect to see in the upcoming sequel, which given the new director will almost act as a rebirth for the series. We’re not sure exactly how the zombies will play into this movie since the curse of the Black Pearl was lifted years ago, but Jack Sparrow is no stranger to the weird and supernatural so I’m sure it will be explained.

Scope out a couple of the images below or see the whole gallery over in our Blend Film Database (and be sure to click on each one to see it full size!).