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At their San Diego Comic-Con panel, the wizards at DreamWorks Animation brought chunks of footage for both Rise of the Guardians (which currently is in theaters) and The Croods, a caveman family comedy that – at the time – we knew very little about. But now that the film is inching closer to its eventual March 2013 release date, a second trailer has made its way online, giving us a much better idea of what we can expect.

That’s Emma Stone voicing Eep, the teenaged daughter of a prehistoric family who’s tired of living under the thumb of her overprotective father (Nicolas Cage). The clan has been living in isolation for too long when, after their cave is damaged, their eyes are open to a vivid new world that’s populated by a mop-topped stranger (Ryan Reynolds) who’s predicting the end of the world. So yeah, you’re basic, everyday, run of the mill animation fodder!

Some of this footage was covered in the initial The Croods trailer, which actually comes from the creative team behind How to Train Your Dragon and Lilo & Stitch. Kirk De Micco and Chris Sanders co-wrote the screenplay from which they will co-direct. Their vocal cast, in addition to the three named actors, includes Catherine Keener, Clark Duke and Cloris Leachman as the decrepit grandmother who makes countless jokes about her age.

DreamWorks will have The Croods in theaters in 3D and IMAX on March 22, 2013, where it will open opposite the festival hit Gimme the Loot but little else at the moment. That bodes well for The Croods, which hopefully can earn back some of the cash DW Animation lost on Rise of the Guardians. And if you want more information on The Croods as you wait for next year's opening, check out our Croods preview page.