The Fast and Furious franchise, which somehow only gets bigger the older it gets, is a vast and mysterious thing, with space for bad movies like Fast and Furious and near-great ones like Fast Five and performances from the wooden likes of Jordana Brewster and Paul Walker as well as the tremendously charismatic Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Sung Kang. With Fast Six in the works, and all rumors pointing to a film set in Europe, director Justin Lin is making room for an ever wider variety of actors-- including one who would thrill geek audiences.

Latino Review is reporting a rumor that Lin has been talking to former Doctor Who David Tennant about taking a role in the movie, though a role that's unspecified right now. With shooting set to begin this month in time for the May 24, 2013 release date, those talks will have to wrap up and turn solid sooner or later-- same goes for Luke Evans, who's rumored to be up for the villain role. Getting two Englishmen involved suggests they'll be up against some kind of British villainous threat, though given Tennant's penchant for comedy, he could easily be one of the sideline goofballs who winds up in the company of Dom Toretto instead.

After pretty much adoring Fast Five, I'm now far more interested in a sequel than I ever would have expected, and Lin's desire to cast Tennant speaks even further to how he's been expanding the scope of the franchise, bringing in actors who can get pretty much everyone interested, and making it far more than just that car-racing franchise only meatheads are into. I was going to see the hell out of Fast Six anyway, but this only sweetens that deal.

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