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De Niro And Norton Team Up Again

Fun fact: the first R-rated movie I went to see after I turned 17, and proudly presented my driver's license when buying a ticket, was The Score. I was so excited to see the great cast-- Robert De Niro! Edward Norton! Marlon Brando!-- and some exciting crime hijinks. Of course, that movie really wasn't any good, and was perhaps my first introduction as a budding movie nerd to the fact that a good cast really never guarantees a good movie.

But now De Niro and Norton have a chance to make it up to me, having signed on together to star in Stone, a psychological drama starring De Niro as a correctional officer who is seduced by the wife of Norton's character, a convicted arsonist. Variety reports that John Curran, who most recently made The Painted Veil, will be directing the script by Junebug writer Angus MacLachlan.

Will this be the proper pairing between two of the most intense actors we have working today? Or more evidence that, as good as Norton and De Niro can be, they've also made many, many mistakes?

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend