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Disney will be spending quite a bit of time on Mars in the coming years. We've been hearing for a while now about the Willem Dafoe vehicle John Carter of Mars, which pits a Civil War veteran against 12-foot-tall giants, and now they've announced a release date for Mars Needs Moms, about a boy who travels to Mars to rescue his kidnapped mother.

We knew the film was in the works over a year ago, but now per Variety, the Mouse House has announced a release date. The first of its Martian riddled films, Mom, on March 11, 2011, which will be about a year before John Carter. The film will be put together much in the same vein as The Polar Express, which predictable as it's being produced by Forrest Gump director Robert Zemeckis. This also means that, like Zemeckis' last project A Christmas Carol, we're going to be forced to watch this through uncomfortable polarized glasses. Joan Cusack and Seth Green are set to lend their voices to the mother and the boy respectively.

Disney just launched Alice in Wonderland to mixed reviews, but managed to rake in the dough regardless of what the interwebs had to say. The Mars Needs Moms release follows just in time for Tron: Legacy receipts to start dwindling, keeping Disney's endless flow of cash rolling into the new year.

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