From Kevin Costner To Tom Hanks: Yellowstone's Kelly Reilly Has Landed Her Next Big Screen Role

With Yellowstone’s fifth season set to take over television in November, having just unveiled its first big trailer, viewers are ready to watch Kelly Reilly bring Beth Dutton’s delectably ruthless energy back to the small screen. It looks like we don’t even have to wait until it debuts to learn where Reilly will next bring her talents. She’ll be trading off one Hollywood legend co-star in Kevin Costner for another in Tom Hanks, as she’s been tapped to join the latter in the upcoming Miramax and Sony drama Here

Reilly will be jumping from one wildly talented ensemble to another, as Here not only stars Tom Hanks, but also WandaVision’s Paul Bettany (who was cast two days prior) and Wonder Woman 1984’s Robin Wright. And considering the film is being helmed by the award-winning Robert Zemeckis, one can only expect there are even more A+ cast members yet to be announced. 

The casting news from Deadline unfortunately doesn’t dig into any details behind who the actress might play, although the unique formatting of the film and its graphic novel source material play more importance on setting than specific characters. So she may play one person, or she may take on a variety of roles throughout the film, depending on how thing are handled in the script, which was penned by Zemeckis and Eric Roth, based on the acclaimed comic work from Richard McGuire, which was published in full in 2014. 

Here will follow the original work’s concept of centering on a single location across a wide stretch of time, though it may expand out from a single room to something more house-sized. It’s not clear if it will jump around in time as the book did, but the location’s story technically starts before recorded history as just a patch of wilderness in New England, and only much later did people come around to build a house on the land. The story will be one of loving and losing, of uplift and heartbreak, with legacies locked and fates intertwined along the way.

Here will be something of a reunion movie across the board. It will be Kelly Reilly’s first time working with Zemeckis since 2012’s Flight, which was arguably her breakout theatrical role here in the U.S. And she also had a pretty talented lead in that flick as well in the form of Denzel Washington.

The project also marks a reconnection between the rest of its current team, minus Bettany. Zemecki and Roth co-penned the screenplay for Forrest Gump, which starred Hanks and Wright, and was the Best Picture winner at the Oscars that year, where it won a slew of other trophies. So it stands to reason that this new project will automatically have awards voters paying attention when it arrives. 

For those who can’t wait to see Reilly back in boozy and bitchy Beth mode alongside Kevin Costner as her hard-living father, Yellowstone Season 5 will make its debut on Paramount Network on Sunday, November 13, with a double-episode premiere. Of course, being married to Rip now may make her a little happier in the early days. I’d say to hypothetically imagine if Here centered on one of those houses within the main ranch house, but then Taylor Sheridan is already letting that idea play out in large-scale form with the various prequel spinoffs, such as the impending 1923 with Harrison Ford, filling in the family history.

Here doesn’t yet appear to have a release window tentatively set, so we’ll just have to stay tuned for updates as the months go by. Head to our 2022 movie premiere schedule to see what’s heading to theaters and streaming in the meantime.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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