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It’s the last big movie of the summer and I hope you’re as excited about District 9 as we are here at Cinema Blend. As I type this it’s after midnight on the East Coast and that means fans have already piled into the first ever showings of Neill Blomkamp’s visually innovative aliens have landed movie. The rest of you will hopefully have tickets in hand and be headed to your theaters soon.

But by now you’ve heard enough on the subject of alien invasions from us, so it’s your turn. After you see District 9, come back here and tell the world what you thought of it. Sound off in our comments section below, share your opinion on our message board, by talking back to us on twitter, and most importantly (since it’s the entire point of this post), by casting your vote in the official CB Poll below. Tell us what you think of District 9!

What do you think of District 9?

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