Sounds Like Peter Weller Won't Return For RoboCop Returns

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Neill Blomkamp's idea for an Alien sequel never took off, but the director's working on a follow-up to another sci-fi 80's franchise. Blomkamp is developing a direct sequel to 1987's RoboCop that will ignore the other films in the franchise. Being a continuation rather than a reboot, Blomkamp had hoped that original actor Peter Weller would return to the role for RoboCop Returns. But Weller is reportedly choosing not to come back.

RoboCop first hit the scene in 1987 and followed a police officer who was brutally gunned down in the line of duty, then resurrected as a cyborg by a corporation to clean up the streets of Detroit. Peter Weller starred as the titular character and then reprised his role for the sequel three years later. However, Weller decided to skip the third movie, with Robert John Burke taking his place.

It sounds like Peter Weller is still uninterested in reprising his role as RoboCop. The actor's representatives reportedly confirmed to Super Bro Movies that Weller would not be returning for Neill Blomkamp's RoboCop Returns. Blomkamp had previously said that Weller was his top choice to play the part, but he may have to resort to Plan B should RoboCop Returns take off the ground.

There was no reason given for why Peter Weller was opting to sit out the sequel. It would be understandable if the 71-year-old Weller didn't want to hop back into the RoboCop suit again or do a mo-cap performance.

There is some wiggle room for Neill Blomkamp. RoboCop Returns is a direct follow-up to the original, ignoring the following sequels and 2014 reboot. Depending on how long after the first film the sequel is set, it's believable to cast another actor in the role. After all, the only part of the actor that can be seen in the RoboCop suit is the mouth, so it's really not that big a deal to recast.

Peter Weller's decision not to return for the movie goes against the mini-trend that has been developing in Hollywood in recent years. Actors from beloved '80s franchises have been reprising their roles in direct follow-ups that ignore poorly received sequels. Jamie Lee Curtis returned as Laurie in the new Halloween movie, while Linda Hamilton is back as Sarah Connor in Terminator 6.

Not much else is known about RoboCop Returns at this time, but it might be set one year after the original and could return to an R-rating. The sequel is still in the early phases of development, so there's a chance that it may not get off the ground. Be sure to stick with CinemaBlend and we'll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest movie news as soon as it is available.

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