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Do The Muppets Promote Class Warfare? Cable News Idiots Uncover The Truth

The new The Muppets movie is a lot of things-- a family-friendly heartwarmer, a certified box office hit, probably the only opportunity you'll have to see chickens perform the famously profane Cee-Lo song. But is it also a hidden liberal agenda to "use class warfare to brainwash our kids?" It's unclear that anyone on the planet actually believes that, but on cable news, where saying nonsense like that will help you get your own show, one of Fox News's many brash and obnoxious hosts suggested it was probably happening anyway. Media Matters, the invaluable group devoted to sussing out this kind of baiting on both sides of political issues, flagged the video you can see below.

The straw man argument starts to wobble a little bit when the show's guest, Dan Gaynor from the conservative group the Media Research Center, points out all the liberal Hollywood movies that unfairly demonize the oil industry-- Cars 2, Syriana and There Will Be Blood. Yes, even though these are wildly different movies made for wildly different reasons, they can be lumped together because they all depict the oil industry as something less that a beacon of hope in tough economic times. I'm dying to know how Paul Dano's character in There Will Be Blood fits in with the modern political allegory about alternative energy.

To be fair, you can tell Bolling knows he's being a little ridiculous when he asks if there are any Occupy Wall Street Muppets, but his guest is clearly sunk in to the topic-- after all, it's his chance to be on TV!-- so he runs with it anyway, ending with, hilariously, a quote from The Matrix: "Mankind is a virus on poor old mother Earth." Actually, I'm not sure that's a direct quote. That's the peril of discussing the themes of movies when you clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

OK, I get that by engaging with this insanity, I'm looking as flat-footed as the poor Occidental Professor brought on to the show to represent the liberal point of view only to be shouted down. But not watching much cable TV at all, it drives me crazy to tune in to a bunch of seemingly rational adults spouting off insane talking points for the sole purpose of getting mentioned on sites like this one. I've played right into these idiots' hands-- but hopefully you guys are at least with me in thinking they're idiots. Can we please beg them to leave Kermit out of it from now on?

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend