It's good to be James Bond under pretty much any circumstances, but that goes double for the last few days, thanks to Bond's starring role escorting the Queen of England to the Olympics Opening Ceremony via parachute. Now he's capping off all that attention with a brand-new trailer for Skyfall, set to debut later today. If you just can't wait to get another close-up look at the new Bond adventure, though, a brief teaser for that trailer-- yes, another one of those-- has gone online. Take a look at it in all its 20-second glory below.

I actually like this a whole lot better than the choppy TV spot that played during the Olympics, which kind of overwhelmed you with brief glimpses at the film but didn't set up anything about the plot. This brief teaser contains so many neat teases, from Ralph Fiennes talking about the identities of the agents revealed to M apparently telling someone to kill Bond. Are any of these plot details what they seem? Is Ralph Fiennes running the show this time? How is Bond going to survive the fall off that bridge? So many questions, and you just know they won't be answered when the full trailer arrives later today.

But we'll be bringing it to you anyway, so stay tuned for that and plenty more Skyfall news as we get it. To see much more from Skyfall, click here.

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