One of the things I'm most anticipating from the upcoming film adaptation of Orson Scott Card's sci-fi novel Ender's Game is how they'll bring the battle room scenes to life. How exactly will they manage to show a bunch of kids battling it out in zero-gravity? The latest entry to the Ender's Game production blog addresses that very subject. It also talks about screenwriter/director Gavin Hood and why he's the right man for this job.

While today's entry to the Ender's Game production blog starts with an amusing visual involving kids dangling from bungee chords, the actual photo that accompanies it doesn't reveal much in the way of actual sets, costumes or characters. Unlike the last update, which showed us the back of Ender's head and his monitoring device, we don't get a peek at any of the actors this time around. But we do get a look at Gavin Hood as he crosses off a completed shot from one of his storyboards for the zero gravity battle room scenes. Here it is below.

We do get a glimpse of the green-screen in the background. It's entirely possible that that's the battle room in its barest form… technically.

And since I'm probably not alone in being desperate for visuals, I magnified the story-board part. Am I grasping for straws here? Maybe. The one near the bottom kind of looks like a kid holding out a gun though, doesn't it? And the one two pictures up looks like it might be the back of someone looking up. (Or down, upside down. Zero gravity is tricky that way).

Finally, we have the caption, which is actually pretty great, as it instills confidence that Gavin Hood is the right man for this job, and then teases us with talk of training suits and high-flying skills...
Let’s just hang the kids from bungee chords, roll camera for ten hours and see what we get!” That was plan A. Which is why we are not directing the movie and instead Gavin Hood is. We never thought we would find a bigger fan of the novel than all of us until Gavin walked in the room. Going back to his roots, Gavin decided to take on the challenge of adapting the novel himself, which gives him a huge advantage when it comes to directing it because he knows his script better than any of us. And given the time limitations inherent in working with young actors, this movie would be impossible to complete without Gavin’s preparation and passion. Here you see him crossing off a completed shot of his detailed story boards in the zero g battle room where our young actors, in their zero g training suits, are showing off the high flying skills they’ve learned from our veteran stunt coordinator Garrett Warren.

Maybe the next update will give us a look at Ender or one of the other kids in their flash suits.

Ender’s Game arrives in theaters November 1, 2013. More information on the film can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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