We've already posted quite a bit about the Evil Dead remake today. This morning a report came out with multiple details about the rehash of Sam Raimi's debut, ranging from where the production is shooting to serious spoiler-filled plot details. We know that Fede Alvarez is directing and wrote the first draft of the screenplay, which Diablo Cody was brought into to touch up. We know that both Raimi and Bruce Campbell are on board as producers. But one key thing we don't know is when the movie will be available at a theater near you. Well, now that mystery has been solved.

Box Office Mojo has posted that TriStar entertainment has set up an April 12, 2013 release date for the Evil Dead remake. Surprisingly, this makes the movie the first film scheduled to be released in April of that year. What's surprising is that as of now the Halloween weekend in 2013 is unoccupied, though given current trends they could just be trying to avoid the inevitable Paranormal Activity 5 (assuming that Paranormal Activity 4 comes out next year). The project does not yet have any actors attached and the rumors from earlier today say that the movie will shoot in New Zealand, occupying the same forest that Yogi Bear was filmed in.

Spring is an interesting time to release a horror movie, but perhaps not a terrible idea. Though the original Evil Dead is certainly a cult classic, it's a mystery as to whether or not mainstream audiences will react to it (not to mention that Evil Dead fans might be so pissed off by the remake that they don't show up). The only flaw I see in this is that the last Raimi horror film to come out in spring, the underrated Drag Me To Hell, made only $42 million domestically on a $30 million budget (before marketing). Looks like TriStar will have 16 months to convince people that the Evil Dead remake is worth their time.

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