Fans tend to think they know better than filmmakers when it comes to how to handle a franchise. So, when news arose that an Evil Dead remakes was in the works, the outcry was intense and immediate; many declared that without Bruce Campbell as Ash, it could not rightfully be called Evil Dead. It wasn't enough for this group that Campbell--who became a cult icon from the original trilogy--and Sam Raimi, who wrote and directed them, were on board to produce. It wasn't enough that Raimi handpicked the reboot's director Fede Alvarez, and contributed to the script. This reboot, many fans declared, could never be as good as Evil Dead.

At NY Comic Con this year, Campbell took these criticisms on with gusto, proudly proclaiming true horror fans who crave gore, guts and absolute terror will love this new Evil Dead. He made a believer out of everyone in that auditorium, myself included. Then the trailer we saw that day was unleashed on the web, and more formerly outraged Evil Dead fans admitted this could be good. Now, Yahoo's got a new poster, which like the trailer it clearly defines this is a little bit of old—in this case a nod to the old logo—with a little bit of new—like the deeply unnerving image of a girl covered in dirt and blood stumbling down a dirt road.

I have to admit, I am captivated by this poster. The black and white image is chilling, with the gritty impression of blood on creeping down her legs. It's not audacious in its visuals, just in its bold claims: "The most terrifying film you will ever experience." I know many of you are disappointed Raimi is not helming this himself, but if this is a sign of what his mentoring can bring forth from new filmmakers, I think we'll all be grateful and terrified next spring.

Evil Dead will be unleashed on theaters April 12th, 2013.

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