Will Hollywood ever grow sick of exorcisms? From the looks of modern trends, our bet is a firm "no." In the past couple years alone we've seen movies like The Last Exorcism, The Last Exorcism Part II, The Devil Inside, The Possession and The Rite (not to mention countless demonic films ranging from Paranormal Activity to Sinister) and now there's a new project in the works that will keep the horror subgenre going.

Deadline has learned that Summit Entertainment has tapped Terra Nova writer Barbara Marshall to write Exorcism Diaries, a film that the site says is "inspired by" Mark Opsasnick's book "The Real Story Behind The Exorcist." As of now the logline for the film is being kept a secret, however, the book description says that the tale looks at the true story that inspired the famous book and film among other tales. Strangely enough, Jay Baruchel, the comedian best known for being part of the Judd Apatow crew, was previously attached to the project back in 2011, though the new report doesn't include any mention of him.

Marshall is best known around Hollywood for her script Peste, which made the 2012 Black List (the annual list of the most popular unproduced screenplays in Hollywood), which is now in development at IM Global. She also recently sold a pilot titled The Lisa Jones Club to ABC. She also wrote the 2010 thriller Triple Dog, starring Britt Robertson, Alexia Fast and Scout Taylor-Compton, but that seems to be the closest she's come to the horror genre.

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