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The Fault In Our Stars Beats Out Edge Of Tomorrow On The Fanticipation Meter

The Summer season is in full effect, and it's showing at the box office with impressive hauls for recently released films like X-Men: Days of Future Past and Maleficent. So what's the buzz this weekend? Fandango's report puts The Fault in Our Stars ahead of Edge of Tomorrow on their trademarked "FANticipation" meter. The margin for TFIOS's lead over Edge of Tomorrow is actually significantly bigger than the margin between EoT and Maleficent, the latter of which has already arrived in theaters.


But what does it mean?! In terms of box office dollars, Fandango (opens in new tab)'s FANticipation scores -- generated by an algorithm using advance ticket sales, website traffic and social media engagement, set on a 1-100 point-scale -- is one more clue to meter our predictions for what will come out on top this weekend. Of course, it doesn't guarantee anything, but it gives us a general idea of what Fandango's users are (f)anticipating. And in this case, it looks like The Fault in Our Stars is ahead, with a score of 86 over Edge of Tomorrow's 81.

Typically, a Tom Cruise sci-fi blockbuster would be the assumed winner of the weekend, and that may prove to be the case, but The Fault in Our Stars shouldn't be underestimated. The film, which focuses on the budding romance of two teens battling cancer, is based on an increasingly popular young adult novel (opens in new tab) by Mental Floss vlogger John Green -- and it's one of the good young adult novels. The book's following has likely led to the 86 it scored on the Fanticipation meter. And Fandango has also reported that TFIOS has already broken the record for the best pre-selling love story in the company's 14-year history, topping the 2012 romance The Vow.

The crossover is most definitely interesting there, when we consider that The Fault in Our Stars is not only a young adult adaptation, but also a romance. And it stars up-and-comer Shailene Woodley, who has impressed in past performances (see: The Descendants, The Spectacular Now and most recently, Divergent). On star power alone, Tom Cruise still has the clout to top most stars these days, but just as we shouldn't underestimate TFIOS' success at the box office, the same should be said for Woodley's performance in TFIOS. Expectations are likely going to be high for her portrayal of Hazel Grace, but all evidence points to her being more than up for the challenge.

Here are some other numbers Fandango generated, based on a survey of more than 1,000 Fault in Our Stars ticket-buyers at their site:

· 95% have been looking forward to a heartfelt, big-screen love story;· 81% read the novel by John Green;· 80% plan to see it with a group of friends;· 77% saw "Divergent," the previous Shailene Woodley-Ansel Elgort teaming, on the big screen;· 64% picked star Shailene Woodley as a motivating factor in buying a ticket.

Fox has done a pretty fantastic job of promoting The Fault in Our Stars, between the film's tour, the upcoming Night Before Our Stars event and other buzzy ways to hype the film leading up to its official release. At least some measure of success at the box office seems expected, but we'll have to wait and see how much this buzz translates to box office dollars after this weekend.

Meanwhile, I doubt Edge of Tomorrow has much to worry about. Not only does the movie have the promising pairing of Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise going for it, but it has also been garnering very positive reviews. And it looks awesome.

Some of us will be trying to see both movies this weekend, that's for sure.

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Kelly West
Kelly West

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