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We've already seen a couple good looks at the danger James Bond is about to face in Spectre, but we might have gotten our best and most revealing peek yet. Take a look at the final trailer below, and see what you can pick out.

Leave it to Sony Pictures to totally make our Friday morning, by dropping one last look at the movie we've been anticipating since Skyfall wrapped. And this new look has some brand new action and story beats to unveil to us, the hungry public. In the quick 1:15 of footage the trailer offers up, we're treated to everything from secluded villainous hideouts, intense gun play between Daniel Craig and numerous baddies, and some pretty snappy dialogue. Most importantly, we get a much better look at Christoph Waltz's Oberhauser.

Face to face with the world's greatest super spy, most people would probably crumble or at least "try" to act tough, but fail miserably. But Oberhauser, if that is in fact his real name, isn't bothered at at all by the fact that Bond is who he is. Particularly because the trailers have been leading us to believe that SPECTRE, his organization, is behind everything that's happened from Casino Royale to Skyfall. If this is the case, then you can probably expect James Bond to lose his shit big time, considering how hard the events of Casino Royale hit him.

Wait a second: Oberhauser may have been indirectly behind the death of the woman James Bond loves, he has a penchant for wearing rather stylish coats with minimal buttoning, and he just happens to have a mountain top lair that's hard to access by any traditional means. Are we absolutely sure that he's not playing the role of Blofeld in Spectre? Honestly, all of the signs are pointing to the conclusion that the biggest baddie in the history of Bond is rearing his head. While the official denial is admirable, it's starting to sound a little too close to that time everyone swore that Khan wasn't Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness. All we're saying is, don't be surprised when the big reveal isn't as shocking as you'd hoped.

Whether we're correct or dead wrong on this assumption, it's at least very clear that Spectre is ready to make some money at the box office come November 6th. Given how good the film looks, and how Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig collaborated so effectively with all involved to make Skyfall the best modern Bond in years, we're not afraid to be part of those in line to fork over said money to help the cause. Besides, if we throw enough business towards the latest James Bond film, perhaps both Mendes and Craig will be persuaded to stay on board for more films than expected.

Spectre hopes to continue the 007 hot streak on November 6th.

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