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Just yesterday the story broke that Tom Hanks was circling a role in Sleeping Dogs, Academy Award winner Kathryn Bigelow's follow-up to last year's The Hurt Locker. The project has been in development seemingly since Oscar night, but had made little forward motion. Now it seems as though they may have an excuse for taking so long: the cast they want is incredible.

Deadline reports that Johnny Depp is now in talks for a major part in the film. The article also seems to confirm that Hanks has been cast. Set in the notorious region known as the Triple Frontier on the borders of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, there are five main roles in the movie, but, according to the article, only two are "major leads."

As I wrote in yesterday's Hanks article, this project already ranks high on my Most Anticipated list, but with a cast that includes both Hanks and Depp it has risen even higher. The prospect of them starring together just makes you think about how much clout comes with having a little gold man sitting on your mantle.

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