SXSW kicks off this weekend, offering a slate of killer concerts along with a whole new slew of wild and weird features. Among them is quirky comedy called Frankie Go Boom. Written and directed by Jordan Roberts (Around the Bend), this offbeat indie stars Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy) and Chris O'Dowd (Bridesmaids) as two brothers engaged in a relentless rivalry that ultimately leads to a massively embarrassing video making its way onto the internet. Seeking to erase any trace of the vid, they track down Phil (Ron Perlman), a heralded hacker, for help. Discovering that Phil has now become Phyllis is just the first twist in the unconventional tale of brotherly love and fraternal fighting.

Below is the flick's eyebrow-raising poster, courtesy of Movieline (head over there to see it full-size):

Now Perlman has a storied history of wildly altering his physical appearance to fully embody his complicated characters. In the 1980s he memorably donned prosthetics and serious shoulder pads to play Vincent, the lion-faced lover in Beauty and the Beast. Then in the 00s' he took makeup to a whole new level to play the title character of the Hellboy movies, wearing shaved down horns, a gnarly arm piece and plenty of bright red body paint. Still, this may be the strangest he has ever looked. My guess is Phyllis doesn't have any girlfriends to tell her that haircut is not doing her any favors.

Frankie Go Boom will premiere this Saturday at SXSW, and, in the meantime, we'll be left to wonder about some glaring omissions from the film's setup, like what "go boom" means. How one can erase a video from the web? And what the deal is with that incredibly awkward tagline?

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