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Full Good Dinosaur Trailer Boasts Wild Animals And Prehistoric Wonder

2014 was the worst year ever. Why? Because it had no Pixar movie. That, however, has gone on to make 2015 the best year ever, one with two Pixar movies. While we’re not sure they’ll be able to top this summer’s Inside Out, we finally have a real look at The Good Dinosaur, which will be out this Thanksgiving. It looks like one heck of a ride. Check out the first full trailer.

The Good Dinosaur has gone through a lot of changes since its original inception, so it’s nice to finally get a real look at what the film is going to be. The initial premise has remained intact throughout: what if the asteroid that led to mass extinction during the era of dinosaurs missed Earth? This leads to dinosaurs and people living on the planet at the same time, though humans, based on the one that we see here, are in a feral state. It looks to be quite a wide-ranging adventure for Arlo the dinosaur and his "pet" human Spot.

While the trailer gives us a good glimpse at the world our film takes place in, a significant lack of dialog leaves us with many questions. It looks like our two leads will carry the film pretty much on their own, as we don’t see them interact with many other characters, and the ones that we do see appear to be of the scary monster variety. They seem to be taking an epic journey someplace, though we can’t tell why or where they’re headed from the trailer.

The holiday 2015 release will be the culmination of one of the longest roads a Pixar feature has ever seen. On the studios’ schedule since 2011, the film saw a voice cast that included John Lithgow and Neil Patrick Harris’ complete all of their dialog recording before the script was basically thrown out and re-written. At first it appeared the same cast would come back to re-record all their lines for the new script, but eventually Pixar decided to go with a nearly entirely new cast for their new story. The massive changes caused the film to miss it’s original 2014 release date, leading to our depressing year without a Pixar movie.

Interestingly, we don’t see another dinosaur that looks like Arlo in the trailer, so while we know that Arlo will have a family, it looks like the new versions of these characters don’t have very large parts, unless they’re being intentionally hidden to avoid giving too much away.

Pixar has taken us on one amazing journey so far this year, so we’re totally on board for another. We hope that all of the film's major changes have been for the better. We’ll find out on November 25 when The Good Dinosaur hits theaters.

Dirk Libbey

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