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Funny New Muppets Clip Shows What Some Of The Muppets Have Been Up To

The Muppets are getting back together on the big screen this month in The Muppets, but how exactly is that going to happen in the movie? There are so many of them and it seems as though they’ve scattered to the winds. This clip from the movie shows how some of the Muppets are reunited, and the method proves to be as entertaining as it is time-saving.

The clip below, which was originally posted at Apple, has 80’s robot coming up with a brilliant way to get the group back together... by montage!

Leave it to the ’80’s robot to come up with an 80’s way to speed things along, and ACDC’s “Back in Black” definitely helps get the job done. Plus, it gives us a chance to see what some of the Muppets have been up to these days.

It makes sense that Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem would be rocking out in the subway. Sam the Eagle working at a Fox-News like 24-hour cable news channel, hosting a show called “Everything Stinks” also seems like a fitting way to update the character, given his love for America and all around cranky nature. You may have noticed the ticker below, which listed off “Things that Stink,” including “Old people,Young people, the French, The Non-French, Foreign countries, Domestic countries.” It also seems Scooter has been working at Google.

The Muppets will be in theaters starting November 23rd. More on the film can be found here.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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