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New The Good Dinosaur Trailer Finally Shows Us Pixar's Human Co-Star

The long road to The Good Dinosaur is nearly over. In preparation for the film’s impending release, Disney and Pixar have unveiled a final trailer for the animated film. The new trailer gives us a bit more context for many of the scenes in previous trailers, and also provides our first real look at several characters who are not the titular dinosaur. Most importantly, we get our first real look at the film’s pet/sidekick, Spot.

While we’ve seen Spot in the other trailers, the exact relationship between he and Arlo the dinosaur was far from clear. Here, however, we see Spot protecting his new friend from a snake with arms, and it appears that this is the act that endears him to Arlo, which leads to them traveling together. While only one of our lead characters can speak, and Spot appears to be little more than the film’s pet dog, hence the name, he will likely still be a well loved character, and his ability to express emotion is not limited. In addition to defending his new friend, we all see him experience empathy. This will likely be another emotional ride from the folks at Pixar.

In addition to Spot, we meet Arlo’s father for the first time as the two are traveling before getting separated. We also see exchanges between Arlo and some of the other characters in the movie who we’ve seen in previous trailers, but who we haven’t seen much more from. This includes the Sam Elliott-led Tyrannosaurus rex pack as well as a slightly off kilter Triceratops. Overall, this gives us a clearer picture of the film’s story and how everybody we know about fits into it.

The Good Dinosaur imagines a world where the asteroid that lead to dinosaur extinction never hit the planet. This has allowed dinosaurs to continue to evolve and become more intelligent. Mammals have been evolving as well, however, since they started later, they are still significantly behind the large lizards. The film has been in development for years and the story went through major script revisions which ended up including scrapping most of the already recorded voice acting and recasting a majority of the performers.

The rewriting also led to The Good Dinosaur being postponed from its original release date of last summer and pushed into a new fall time slot. This left fans utterly Pixar-less in 2014 but gave us two films this year. This past summer’s Inside Out was a hit, so we’ll see if The Good Dinosaur can help Pixar strike gold twice in one year. We’re looking forward to be transported to a time when dinosaurs ruled the earth (wait, that’s a different movie) this Thanksgiving.

Dirk Libbey

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