This year will see new releases from directors like David Fincher, Paul Thomas Anderson, Bennett Miller and Christopher Nolan, but while we'll have to wait a good number of months for all of those titles, one of the best modern American filmmakers working today has a new movie coming out in just a few weeks. Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel is being prepped by Fox Searchlight to come out in the first week of March, and to whet your appetite for the mvoie the studio has unleashed a brand new clip (courtesy of Apple), this one featuring the incomparable Bill Murray.

This clip is a bit confusing without context - it seems as though it takes place some time in the second act - but what I can gather is that M. Gustave H (Ralph Fiennes) and his lobby boy Zero (Tony Revolori) have been forced to hit the road and are looking to meet up with a mysterious butler who we can presume can help them get out of the pickle that they have caught themselves in. In order to get to the rendezvous, they must take a train, which apparently requires its passengers to wear ties in the dining car and smell at least somewhat decent. It's hard to say where Bill Murray's character enters into the situation or what kind of role he plays - he is credited as M. Ivan - but it would appear that he is a friendly.

This is now the third clip that we've seen from The Grand Budapest Hotel, and each one has done a great job of showing off the writer/director's oddball comedic sensibilities and the fun's madcap tone. You can watch the previously released scenes below.

A period piece set in Europe between World War I and World War II, the film tells the story of Gustave H., the legendary concierge at the eponymous residence, who finds himself caught up in a murder mystery when an old flame (Tilda Swinton) dies and leaves him a famous painting. The outstanding supporting cast is filled with Anderson regulars and newcomers, including Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, Jeff Goldblum, Jude Law, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Saoirse Ronan, Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, Tom Wilkinson, and Owen Wilson.

The Grand Budapest Hotel will be in theaters March 7th.
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