Wes Anderson has a devout audience. Most casual moviegoers (those who are mainly interested in blockbuster, multiplex fare) admittedly haven’t heard of him, though more passionate cinephiles have watched his career ebb and flow in a beguiling, not always riveting, fashion.

That hasn’t stopped movie hipsters from taking him as their own, though. In fact, they often look to prove that they’re bona-fide experts by holding Anderson up to a ridiculously high level of esteem. More often than not, Anderson has delivered, though. He's done this by not only creating unique but vivid cinematic worlds, but by also evolving as a filmmaker. Plus his pitch-perfect musical choices, and blending of European art-house traits with a stylish, modern viewpoint have helped to set him apart too.

But which Wes Anderson films are as beautiful as a crayon pony fish? And which are as frustrating as the hardest geometry problem in the world? Take a gander at my ranking of every Wes Anderson film below. You can furiously disagree in the comments.

8. Moonrise Kingdom
One of Wes Anderson’s most cherished tales, Moonrise Kingdom has been described as an "eccentric pubescent love story." His seventh film to be released, it possesses most of the hallmarks that we associate with an Anderson picture. There’s a huge ensemble of perfectly cast, quirky but relatable characters, each of which are delightfully driven, triumphantly un-cynical and strive to be stoic in the face of great emotion, while he uses Rhode Island to create a seldom seen but recognizable world.

However, Moonrise Kingdom falters because it lacks the pace or intriguing plot of his other films. Obviously, Moonrise Kingdom was always meant to be a simple love story. But Anderson’s style and characterization doesn’t lend itself to this structure in a compelling fashion. Instead, the film repeatedly stalls. Jokes fall flat, characters seem too outlandish, and Anderson fails to provide his usual exuberant visuals to cover up for its failings. Still, there’s plenty to enjoy about Moonrise Kingdom, and it proves that even a mediocre Wes Anderson film is better than half of the rubbish that Hollywood releases every year.

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