It’s been a while since McG talked about his pipe dream of having Linda Hamilton put in a Terminator Salvation appearance. I kind of figured the news had gone the way of Arnold Schwarzenegger appearing in the sequel, or James Cameron giving it his blessing. It looks like out of the three of those pieces of news, this one might wind up being true.

”We are talking,” Hamilton told MTV Movies Blog. Unfortunately, other than confirming that her role would be the voiceover McG originally hinted at, Hamilton couldn’t offer any additional details. At least there’s a good reason beyond the actress being coy - they haven’t finished writing it yet. The news that she is talking with the Terminator Salvation people is a promising step though.

The actress does talk a little bit about why she’s considering lending her voice to McG’s new chapter when she wouldn’t appear in the third chapter. The difference seems to be that McG is trying to honor the original Cameron films - a stance she didn’t think the third picture took. McG has said her role in Salvation would provide a solid link between the movies we know and the new chapter, where Hamilton thought her character was negligible when it appeared in scripts for Terminator 3.

If McG can get Hamilton on board I’d be completely psyched for Terminator: Salvation. As it is, I’m already excited about the picture, and all of the footage that’s been revealed has looked pretty cool. Hamilton would definitely be the icing on the cake, but I’m someone who would love to have that icing in place.

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