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Remember how excited you got at the potential of Harrison Ford reuniting with his Blade Runner director for a continuation of that story? Yeah, you’re going to want to dampen your enthusiasm.

Alcon Entertainment, the company cutting the checks to finance Sir Ridley Scott’s return to the Blade Runner franchise, tells Deadline there’s absolutely no truth to that rumor, and that Ford is not in any kind of early negotiation to play a role in the pending film.
“It is absolutely patently false that there has been any discussion about Harrison Ford being in Blade Runner” Alcon head Andrew Kosove told the site. “To be clear, what we are trying to do with Ridley now is go through the painstaking process of trying to break the back of the story, figure out the direction we’re going to take the movie and find a writer to work on it. The casting of the movie could not be further from our minds at this moment.”

And that would be that, right? While I’m admittedly disappointed that some of the possible rumors I heard about Ford’s involvement won’t be coming true (my favorite had him playing the actual human that his replicant, Deckard, was based on), I’d much rather hear that the filmmakers responsible for a potential Blade Runner prequel/sequel are taking their time to figure out a proper story, and not relying on the stunt casting of a previous star to put butts in seats for a blockbuster. That’s not to say that Ford couldn’t be involved at some point in the process and maybe that early report came from a brainstorming session. But for now, Harrison Ford is not part of the Blade Runner sequel, and that has been confirmed.

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