How Man Of Steel Inspired The X-Men: Days Of Future Past Trailer, And More Revelations

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Bryan Singer has been beating the proverbial drum for his X-Men: Days of Future Past, a movie that doesn’t actually reach theaters until next summer. But he teased fans with an Instagram clip, a Twitter conversation, and – finally – a full trailer. Then he gave MTV a running commentary of that trailer, with we’ve posted for you above.

Oddly enough, the Superman Returns director likened his moody trailer to the Man of Steel teases that Warner Bros. ran in the run up to that blockbuster:

I asked for something emotionally driven for this first piece, to just reintroduce characters and the stakes. It's got plenty of action and scope, but I think at it's core to remind audiences of the world, the stakes, and the characters, so it was nice to lead with a piece like this," Singer told MTV. "To be honest, I was very fond of the Man of Steel trailer. I felt really felt that it captivated the heart of that character. I wanted something similar to that."

Singer also clarifies that while the action in Days of Future Past will be divided between the past-tense action of the First Class cast and an undetermined, horrible future, he cracked a formula that will allow him to tell one story that bridges the time gap -- with an emphasis on the "older" Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) interacting with the likes of James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and the "kids" of Matthew Vaughn’s First Class ensemble. Says Singer:

"Most of the picture takes place in 1973, but in the third act, you got back and forth. I've created a way where parallel action can take place, so you'll be living with the characters in the future as well as in the past."

Singer, in this phone commentary, also paints a clearer picture of the problems that are going to inspire the future, surviving X-Men to attempt such a dangerous time-travel exercise. He explains that the world has "gone to hell" for both humans and mutants due to a program that was implemented that went wrong. He’s talking about the introduction of the mutant-hunting Sentinel robots by Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage). Singer even mentions them by name. He does say that the movie is dark, using the term "bleaker" more than once. And he talks about a drastic change in store for Lawrence’s version of Mystique, explaining:

She hasn't quite become the cold assassin that Rebecca [Romijn-Stamos] was, but she's headed on that course. It's much more closer to that character from X1 and X2, from the innocent character that she was in First Class. There's an event. The movie is gearing towards this one event, and things go terribly wrong. That's a moment in the 'Things go terribly wrong' sequence."

Singer falls in that category of directors who don’t mind sharing information with fans during his process. It’s exciting, but you have to walk around his quotes like you are tiptoeing through a minefield if you want to avoid spoilers. And if you want to see the X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer once again, it’s right here. Do you dig it?

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