How Zach Braff’s Finley Came To Life In Oz The Great And Powerful

Many who saw Sam Raimi’s Oz The Great and Powerful this past weekend would likely agree that one of the best parts of the film is Zach Braff’s turn as the flying monkey Finley. Playing James Franco’s CGI sidekick, the actor is responsible for nearly all of the film’s best lines and works great with the film’s titular lead.

But what you may not know is exactly how much work went into the creation of Finley. During filming the production used many new tricks of the trade to make the CGI sidekick character come to life and look like he’s actually standing with Oz and the China Girl as they make their way across the wonderful world to kill the wicked witch. And that was just one of the many topics I recently talked with Braff about in a recent interview.

Prior to the film’s release I took part in a Los Angeles press day for Oz The Great and Powerful and had the chance to sit down with Braff – who actually grew up in the same hometown as me – to talk about his terrific new role. Watch the video below to hear the actor talk about not only the different techniques used to bring Finley to life, but also his previous connection to Oz through the long-running series Scrubs. Check it out!

Zach Braff

Oz The Great and Powerful is now in theaters and to really dig into the movie and find trailers, stills, my review and more be sure to head over to our Blend Film Database.

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