The Hunger Games' Isabelle Fuhrman Joins Stephen King's Cell

Actress Isabelle Fuhrman has done an excellent job securing a place in the world of genre films, her breakout role in Orphan leading her to play one of the villains in Gary Ross' The Hunger Games, and now she's getting set to work with material from a true genre master. Deadline reports that Fuhrman has signed on to play the female lead in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King's Cell.

Based on the book that was first released in 2006, Cell begins as a virus sent through mobile phones is transmitted around the world. The event causes people's brains to be completely cleared of all humanity, turning them into violent, psychopathic monsters. And to make matters worse, they team together and hunt those not infected. The protagonist of the story is a graphic artist named Clay Riddell who must find his way out of the center of Boston when the virus hits. Cusack is attached to play Clay, while his 1408 co-star Samuel L. Jackson will portray Tom McCourt, an engineer and former soldier. Fuhrman will be Alice, a teenager girl who teams up with Cusack to survive what is essentially a zombie apocalypse. Tod Williams, who is best known for making Paranormal Activity 2, is directing the movie from a script that he co-wrote with The Last House on the Left screenwriter Adam Alleca.

Fuhrman certainly has experience in physical roles that featured her character in kill-or-be-killed situations. Case in point:

The actress was most recently in the thriller The Between with Super 8 star Joel Courtney, but she is also attached to star in the coming-of-age story Dear Eleanor and has completed work on the teenage drama The Wilderness of James, for which she replaced Chloe Moretz. You can watch the trailer for The Between below.

Cell is expected to come out some time in 2015, but a release date has not yet been announced and Deadline's report doesn't mention when production is going to get underway.

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