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Upcoming Stephen King Movies, TV Miniseries And More

Stephen King in It Chapter Two

There are certain authors that Hollywood just can't get enough of, and one of those is Stephen King. Sure, it helps that the guy is one of the most prolific writers of the last 50 years, constantly putting out novels, novellas and short stories, but the reality is that filmmakers never seem to tire of King's particular voice and storytelling. Not even counting TV shows or miniseries, there are more than 40 King adaptations that have been released over the years, and there are many more set to come out in the next few years.

Below we'll dive into all of the titles that are currently in the works, both for the big screen and the small. Whether they're finished and about to come out, just starting out in development, or in a kind of "question mark" state, read on to learn about all of the Stephen King movies and TV projects that are currently in some stage of production.

Stephen King In Post-Production

Ryan Kiera Armstrong as Charlie McGee in Firestarter

Firestarter - Movie - In Post-Production

Blumhouse Productions has become one of the biggest names in horror in recent years, and they are ready to get into the world of Stephen King adaptations with a remake of Firestarter. In the works since Spring 2017, the movie will once again tell the story of a young father who has to go on the run to protect his pyrokinetic daughter from a government agency known as The Shop. With The Vigil director Keith Thomas attached to helm, Zac Efron boarded the film in September 2020 to play Andy McGree, and Michael Greyeyes has signed on to play the villainous John Rainbird. Production wrapped in mid-July 2021.

In Production Upcoming Stephen King banner

Reggie Nalder in Salem's Lot

Salem’s Lot - Movie - In Production

Release Date: September 9, 2022

Gary Dauberman, the writer of It and It Chapter Two, will soon be responsible for yet another Stephen King adaptation when he directs the vampire thriller Salem’s Lot. Based on the 1975 novel of the same name, the upcoming horror movie will center on an author who returns to his hometown to write about an abandoned mansion only to discover that its new owner is up to something very strange. In August 2021, it was announced that Lewis Pullman (Bad Times At The El Royale, Top Gun: Maverick) has come aboard to play Ben Mears, the story's central protagonist.

Upcoming Stephen King movies in pre-production

Reanimated Church in Pet Sematary 2019

Untitled Pet Sematary Sequel - Movie - In Pre-Production

Paramount+ is in the process of trying to establish itself as one of the dominant streamers currently on the market, and already having The Stand as an exclusive the service is developing another Stephen King-related project. In February 2021 it was announced that Lorenzo di Bonaventura is producing a follow-up to the beloved classic Pet Sematary, and Jeff Buhler (who co-wrote the 2019 remake of the horror story) was initially hired to pen the screenplay. In May 2021 the project took a big step forward announcing that Lindsey Beer would both be directing and taking over screenwriting duties – though plot details still remain unknown. Jackson White has come aboard to play young Jud Crandall, and the production has also added Henry Thomas, Samantha Mathis, and Pam Grier in undisclosed roles.

Stephen King In Development

Christine in John Carpenter's Christine

Christine - Movie - In Development

John Carpenter's adaptation of Christine is well-regarded as one of the greatest Stephen King adaptations ever made – but it is a movie that is now nearly 40 years old and deviates a fair amount from the source material, so it practically feels like a remake was inevitable. The project was first announced in June 2021 and will be made by Blumhouse Productions and Sony Pictures. Jason Blum is producing along with King veteran Vincenzo Natali (In The Tall Grass, The Stand), and Bryan Fuller is penning the screenplay with plans to direct the film himself.

The Talisman book cover

The Talisman - Series - In Development

The Stephen King and Peter Straub novel The Talisman, a fantasy about a 12-year-old boy's epic journey to save his mother, has long been one of the adaptations that fans want to see most but remains one that can’t seem to get made. In the past two years there have been two movie versions that didn't get off the ground – one from The Stand's Josh Boone, and the other from Outlander and The Handmaid’s Tale director Mike Barker. As of March 2021, however, the project has changed course, and it is now being developed as a series for Netflix. Steven Spielberg and Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer are producing, while Stranger Things writer/producer Curtis Gwinn will serve as showrunner.

Elevation book cover

Elevation - Movie - In Development

In 2018, Stephen King added to the large canon of stories set in the mysterious town of Castle Rock, Maine, and three years later that story – titled Elevation – is, as of February 2021, in the works to be come a movie thanks to the efforts of writer/director Jack Bender – whose previous credits include Mr. Mercedes, Under The Dome, The Outsider, and the upcoming miniseries version of The Institute (more on that below). A sad and beautiful tale, the book is about Scott Carey, a heavy 40-something who one day discovers that he is quickly losing weight... but the catch is that his physical appearance remains unchanged, and the scales are unaffected by anything he has on his person.

Jake Chambers looks into a portal in The Dark Tower

The Jaunt - Series - In Development

In the short story "The Jaunt," first published in 1981 and included in the collection Skeleton Crew, Stephen King sets up what is a very science-fiction-heavy concept that he merges with some extreme horror. The tale is set in a future where teleportation has become a technology that is used in everyday society, but there's a catch: if you're not properly sedated before making a trip, you risk going utterly insane. It's definitely not one of King's epics in terms of scope, but Fear The Walking Dead co-creator Dave Erikson sees enough potential in it to create a series. In February 2021 it was reported by Deadline that he has signed a deal with MRC Television that will see him turn The Jaunt into a TV series.

Stephen King in It Chapter Two

The Running Man - Movie - In Development

The Running Man, which Stephen King originally published under the pen name Richard Bachman, was previously adapted in 1987 by director Paul Michael Glaser, but the film notably transformed the story from a dystopian thriller into an Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie (albeit a great one). As a result, it's terribly exciting that filmmaker Edgar Wright announced in February 2021 that he is now developing a new adaptation that is more faithful to the source material. Michael Bacall, who previously collaborated with Wright on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, has been hired to write the script.

Quitters Inc anti-smoking posters Cat's Eye stephen king

The Ten O'Clock People - Series - In Development

In February 2021, it was announced that producer Henrik Bastin, best known for the long-running Amazon Prime series Bosch, has started his own production company, and one of the first projects that is being developed is an adaptation of Stephen King's The Ten O'Clock People for the small screen. Published in the collection Nightmares & Dreamscapes, the story centers on a smoker named Pearson who, during his 10am smoke break, makes the horrifying discovery that every authority figure in the world is actually a horrific bat monster in disguise – eventually learning that it's the chemical imbalance created by the crave for nicotine that allows him to see their true forms.

Emily Alyn Lind in Doctor Sleep

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon - Movie - In Development

Stephen King’s 1999 novella The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon will soon get the big-screen treatment. In May 2020, Village Roadshow secured the rights of the novella about a preteen girl lost in the Appalachian Trail who fantasizes about a certain Boston Red Sox pitcher, and in November 2020 it was confirmed that Lynn Ramsay will be directing the project. It's unclear when the project will start production.

The Long Walk book cover

The Long Walk - Movie - In Development

You would think that the first novel Stephen King ever wrote, The Long Walk (eventually published under the pseudonym Richard Bachman) would have been adapted by now, but the 1979 novel about a group of 100 teenage boys forced to march across the country remains one of the few early books by the author not yet adapted. Well, filmmaker Andre Ovredal hopes to be the one who changes that now that he has been given the reins. The project had to pump the brakes because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but Ovredal provided an update in November 2020 saying that the film is "alive and well and moving along."

catherine o'hara the outer limits

Revelations - Series - In Development

The CW is reportedly in the early stages of developing Revelations, a new series based on The Revelations of ‘Becka Paulson. It was reported in July 2020 that the show is being set up as a one-hour drama and follow a protagonist who starts speaking with Jesus after accidentally shooting herself with a nail gun. The story was previously adapted as an episode of The Outer Limits in the 1990s, and starred Catherine O'Hara and Steven Weber.

John Cusack talking on the phone in Cell

Mr. Harrigan’s Phone - Movie - In Development

The powerhouse team of Ryan Murphy and Jason Blum are going to be adapting the Stephen King short story Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (featured in the 2020 collection If It Bleeds) for Netflix. The project was first announced in July 2020, and according to The Hollywood Reporter the story will follow a young boy and an older billionaire whose friendship goes beyond the grave.

Orinco truck in Pet Sematary 1989

Throttle - Movie - In Development

With a title like Throttle, you might think that one of the most recently announced Stephen King adaptations would be a new version of Maximum Overdrive, but instead of possessed electronics, this HBO Max original film will focus on a biker gang taking on a maniacal tractor-trailer driver on the open highway. Throttle will very much be a father and son story, but with a lot of action. News of its development was first reported in May 2020.

The Overlook Hotel in The Shining

Overlook - TV Miniseries - In Development

Following the release of the terrifying Doctor Sleep in 2019, Stephen’s King’s The Shining has become a hot property once again, and J.J. Abrams is making the most of it with the announced Overlook series. The upcoming 10-episode series will focus on the characters and famous haunted hotel featured in King’s 1977 novel and the 1980 film adaptation, though while it was originally set up as an HBO Max original, it is now searching for a new home.

Sissy Spacek in Carrie

Carrie - TV Miniseries - In Development

Stephen King’s classic 1974 novel Carrie is getting yet another adaptation, but this will be the first time it will be on television, and with some major changes. According to the original report, this version will differ from the source material and previous adaptations by featuring the trouble teenager played by a trans performer or actress of color. The project was revealed to be in development in December 2019, but it has not been revealed since who is involved in making the miniseries

Timothy Hutton and Amy Madigan in The Dark Half

The Dark Half - Movie - In Development

The Stephen King 1989 novel The Dark Half was previously adapted by the late George A. Romero, but it appears Alex Ross Perry (Her Smell) will be taking a shot at remaking it. The news was first announced by Deadline in December 2019, and the film will tell the story of a writer who makes the decision to retire the pen name he uses to write ultra violent novels... only to see his non-existent alter ego become real and take revenge.

From A Buick 8

From A Buick 8 - Movie - In Development

Thomas Jane is no stranger to Stephen King’s body of work, especially after that shocking ending at the end of 2007’s The Mist, and it appears the actor will be taking another spin at King’s work with the upcoming adaptation of From A Buick 8. The novel centers around a small town in rural Pennsylvania plagued by supernatural events surrounding a mysterious Buick. Deadline first reported on the adaptation in December 2019, but there’s no new information at this point.

Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redmemption

The Institute - TV Miniseries - In Development

While the world is still waiting to learn of the fate of the Audience series Mr. Mercedes, the creative team behind the show — David E. Kelley and Jack Bender — are working on another Stephen King property. This time around, they are adapting King’s 2019 novel The Institute, which follows a young boy taken to a compound housing other kids with powers that are used by governments for their own gain. The show was first announced by Deadline in September 2019, but there haven’t been any concrete details since then.

Gas station in Maximum Overdrive

Rest Stop - Movie - In Development

Stephen King just loves to write about writers, and the short story Rest Stop from the collection Just After Sunset features an interesting one – namely a meek mystery author who finds himself channeling the spirit of his pen name to interfere in a case of domestic abuse. A movie adaptation is in now in the works, as it was reported in April 2019 that writer/director Alex Ross Perry (yes, the same guy mentioned above working on a new The Dark Half) is at the helm.

Sleeping Beauties book cover

Sleeping Beauties - TV Miniseries - In Development

One of Stephen King’s more recent novels, Sleeping Beauties, which he co-wrote with his son Owen King, will be another television adaptation that fans of the prolific writer can hopefully look forward to in the coming years. In April 2019, EW reported that AMC ordered a pilot script based on the novel about a world where women are vanishing into mysterious cocoons and the men who aren’t all that equipped to handle the situation.

Mile 81 book cover

Mile 81 - Movie - In Development

Allistair Legrand looks to continue the tradition of great movies based on Stephen King novellas directing the horror-thriller Mile 81, based on King’s 2011 story that is collected in The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams. The story centers around a small group of strangers who try to survive an attack by a mysterious force at a boarded-up rest stop. The project was first announced by Deadline in February 2019, but nothing has come of it since.

The pie eating fiasco in Stand By Me

Joyland - TV Miniseries - In Development

And then there is Joyland, Stephen King’s 2013 horror novel that was first announced to be adapted for Freeform back in October 2018. According to Deadline, the cable channel ordered a pilot script based on the story of a college student taking what appears to be a normal summer job at an amusement park only to find that the park and the town in which it was built hold dark secrets. Since the announcement nearly two years ago, however, there haven’t been any additional details about the show.

Michael Earl Reid as Lester Billings in 1982's The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman - Movie - In Development

It was first announced in June 2018 that Scott Beck and Bryan Woods (A Quiet Place) would be adapting Stephen King’s short story The Boogeyman for 20th Century Fox, but the deal has been in a state of limbo ever since Disney acquired the studio and its various properties in 2019.

Stephen King's The Tommyknockers

The Tommyknockers - Movie - In Development

James Wan has more than enough credits to be called a modern horror master - but one venture he has not undertaken so far in his career is helming a Stephen King adaptation. That won't exactly happen with The Tommyknockers, based on the author's 1987 novel, but he is on-board as a producer. Set in Maine, this actually leans more toward science-fiction than horror, as it centers on a small neighborhood that is slowly preyed upon by a mysterious extraterrestrial object in the woods. However, there hasn’t been any updates since Variety reported on the feature project back in 2018.

The Gingerbread Girl Audiobook cover

The Gingerbread Girl - Movie- In Development

Director Craig R. Baxley has collaborated with Stephen King on multiple projects in the past, including Kingdom Hospital, Storm Of The Century, and Rose Red, and should everything to to plan they will soon have the opportunity to work together on another adaptation. This time around they have their eyes set on making a movie out of The Gingerbread Girl, which is a story collected in Just After Sunset. The story centers on a young woman who begins running as a way of exercising her grief after her baby suffers a crib death, and while out on a run one day becomes entangled with a nasty man named Jim Pickering. As reported by Deadline back in March 2018, Baxley will direct from a script he is co-writing with King.

Children stand hypnotized in Stephen King's Storm Of The Century

Suffer The Little Children - Movie - Question Mark

Stephen King clearly has a few of his epics in the works, but Suffer The Little Children is based on one of his shorts from Nightmares & Dreamscapes. Altered fit feature length, the story will follow Miss Emily Sidley, a divorced first grade teacher. She begins to notice that her students are acting a bit strange, and eventually it's revealed that they are not really her students at all, but instead alien creatures that are inhabiting her students' bodies. Per a September 2017 project announcement, the movie is being made by writer/director Sean Carter, but we have not heard any updates about the project since then.

Rose Madder book cover

Rose Madder - Movie - Question Mark

Domestic violence is understandably a common element in a lot of Stephen King's work, and in his 1995 novel Rose Madder it is put front and center. An abused woman named Rose realizes that she can't continue her life with her husband, and makes the decision to run away. This is an action fraught with consequences, the biggest being the fact that her vindictive husband chases after her, but it also presents many new opportunities, as well as a strange discovery of what seems to be a magical painting. The film adaptation of this book was announced in Summer 2017, with The Debt helmer Assaf Bernstein attached to direct, but since then we haven't heard any updates about its development.

Drunken Fireworks audiobook cover

Drunken Fireworks - Movie - Question Mark

Drunken Fireworks is a unique short story in Stephen King's repertoire, if not just because it actually debuted first as an audiobook. It's been published since, in The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, but now it's ready to make another medium change. Set to star and possibly be directed by James Franco, the story is about two neighbors in Maine separated by a lake, but connected by a desire for competition. Each year during the Fourth of July, they both strive to put on the most incredible fireworks display possible. The adaptation was first announced in June 2016, but it doesn't seem to have made any progress since then.

The Breathing Method Stephen King audiobook cover

The Breathing Method - Movie - Question Mark

Scott Derrickson, the former Marvel director who made a name for himself with The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Sinister, was hired by Blumhouse in October 2012 to adapt the Stephen King short story The Breathing Method from the collection Different Seasons, but the project hasn't made any public progress since the filmmaker’s involvement was first reported.

That finishes the list of Stephen King adaptations that have been announced as in the works in recent years, but it's hardly a fixed thing. We'll continue to update this feature as more projects are announced and move through the various stages of production, so stay tuned!

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